McDonald's Videogame

McDonald's Videogame

Manage your own McDonald's restaurant


  • Easy gameplay
  • Can get quite addictive
  • Perfect for short breaks


  • Simple Flash game


You may think that running a fast-food restaurant is easy...well, here's McDonald's Videogame to prove you wrong.

McDonald's Videogame is a simple and fun Flash-based game that doesn’t even require installation – but which can get surprisingly addictive. You're put in control of a McDonald's restaurant, having to manage all the steps in your business: from growing soy and feeding cattle, to serving delicious hamburgers to your clients and producing benefits that keep the corporation CEOs happy.

The game is divided into four main blocks: the agricultural area, the feedlot, the restaurant, and the company's headquarters. In each one of them there are elements to control, but luckily there's also a little character who will warn you if anything goes wrong.

Like most other Flash games, McDonald's Videogame features very simple graphics and sound effects, but its easy gameplay and constant challenges can make it insanely addictive. You have to take care of multiple elements, all at the same time and without time to rest, because the moment you leave any area in your business unattended, you're doomed.

McDonald's Videogame is a simple, fun Flash game that allows you to become a restaurant manager for one day – or at least for a few minutes.

McDonald's Videogame


McDonald's Videogame

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